Spanische Wasserhunde

Würfe vom Lissfeld

M-Wurf am 16.06.2018

Do the Hokey Pokey de Sinkovic X Zorrazo Zigzag the Catwalk

R Made for You  "Alonso"

H Made with Love "Smilla"

H Made for Water "Kala"

H Made in Vienna "Cara"



L-Wurf am 14.06.2017

Amarillo Canis Marinus X Corazon de Sinkovic

R Lots of Curls
R Lots of Dots
R Lots of Fun
R Lots of Love
R Lots of Luck
H Lots of Zorrazo



K-Wurf am 13.05.2016

Zorrazo Tinkerty Tonk X Corazon de Sinkovic

R Keep Ahead
R Keep Cool
R Keep It Hot
R Keep Shining
R Keep Smiling